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All bungs are removed and the inside of the poly drum is evaluated for cleanability and structual integrity.

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Drum Clean

After first removing all removeable accessories, a high-pressure exterior wash of the outside of the inner tank.  Then a high-temperature, high-pressure, internal spinner  cycle is completed.  Inner tank is then internally inspected for possible integrity or prior product residue concerns. If the drum fails an inspection, it is sent for recycle.

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Leakproofness Test

Using our internally-devloped custom process, a pressurized leakproofness test (20kPa) is conducted, and the poly drum is once again fully inspected, both internally and externally.  If the drum fails the test, it is sent for recycle.

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Reassembly and Closure

All bungs are cleaned separately, and inspected for any potential failure points.  If the bung is not cleanable, shows wear or cracking, or if the gasket is cracked or missing, a new bung is inserted, and torqued to correct specifications.

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If the drum is within the last five years of manufacture date, an "L / R" label is installed, indicating recertification of the drum for hazmat re-use. (UN-Rated Drums)

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