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A critical piece for evaluation of both inner tank and cage.  We remove the top bars, and slide the bottle from the cage, and visually inspect the underside of the cage and the pan which supports the inner tank.

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Cage Clean

High-pressure wash of the cage, inside and out, removing  dirt, grime and labels.  If the cage cannot be fully restored or repaired, it is sent to recycle.

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Inner Tank Clean

After first removing all removeable accessories, a high-pressure exterior wash of the outside of the inner tank.  Then a high-temperature, high-pressure, internal spinner  cycle is completed.  Inner tank is then internally inspected for possible integrity or prior product residue concerns.  If the inner tank cannot be fully cleaned, it is sent for recycle.

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Inner Tank Test

Using our internally-devloped custom process, a pressurized leakproofness test (20kPa) is conducted as the inner tank is submerged in water over the valve area.  During inflation, the corners of the inner tank are subjected to an impact test, and then the IBC is fully inspected.  If the inner tank fails the leakproofness test, it is sent for recycle.

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Reassembly and Final Inspection

After the cage, inner tank, and accessories are all thoroughly cleaned, the IBC is put back together, and inspected for completeness.  All appropriate labeling is applied, and then the unit is ready for re-use!

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