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IBC Life Cycle



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Used IBC


Clean / Recycle

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IBC Life Cycle
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New IBC / Rebottled IBC

New containers are purchased to be used for many kinds of liquid goods.  Food producers typically use only new IBCs or newly remanufactured or rebottled (new inner tank inside a refurbished cage) containers, but often many other industries with highly valuable products only purchase new tanks made from virgin HDPE plastic.

Used / Dirty IBCs

After use, many times a container can be cleaned and reconditioned for re-use for a compatible purpose, often with significant savings to the user.  A container can sometime be re-used several times during its lifespan, which is ideal for the reduction in carbon footprint.  Acquiring a reconditioned container from a qualified organization is very important when considering product cross-contamination or leaking containers concerns.

Washed for Recycle

Once a container reaches the end of its effective life, which may mean that it is damaged, fails a pressurized air test, or may simply be unable to be completely cleaned, it must then be dealth with in an appropriate manner.  This means that it is then washed for disposal, and the plastic and metal parts are recycled for re-use, and not simply sent to the landfill.

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